John Foy & Associates Survivor of a Car Accident international awards in USA

  • Bachelor, Master, Phd
  • $1,000
  • 15 June 2021

For over 20 years, the attorneys of John Foy & Associates have worked to help the victims of car accidents and their families. But we understand that the impact of a car accident doesn’t always end when the medical bills are paid. Many car accidents leave a lasting effect on the victims — whether in the form of injuries, pain, emotional trauma, or simply a life-changing memory.

We don’t believe that any of those effects should change a student’s plans for college. At John Foy & Associates, we are deeply moved when we see accident victims pushing forward with their life plans despite their injuries — and we want to help. That is why we are proud to announce the John Foy & Associates Survivor of a Car Accident Scholarship of $1,000.

The scholarship is open to students who have themselves been the victim of a car accident, as well as those who had a close loved one harmed in a car accident. We want to see you succeed at you education and career goals no matter how the accident affected you.

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  • You have firsthand experience of either surviving a car accident yourself, or being affected by a close friend or relative who was the victim of a car accident
  • You must be enrolled in an accredited college or university as an undergraduate, or you are an incoming freshman at an accredited institution
  • The institution must be in the United States
  • You have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • You must submit an unofficial high school or college transcript; a completed application; and your essay

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Please choose ONE of the topics below, and write an essay that shows why you are the ideal candidate for this scholarship. Please limit essays to 500 to 1,000 words in length.

  • **Topic #1:**If you were injured in your accident, how did that injury affect your views toward your future, your goals, and your ability to pursue your dreams? Were you worried that you would no longer be able to pursue those goals — and how did that struggle change you?
  • Topic #2: Car accidents can often cause a profound change in how we see ourselves and how we live our lives. Did you find that you were different in any way after your accident, compared to before? What changed, and how have you grown from it?
  • Topic #3: If your loved one was the victim of the accident, how did you react? What did your family or friends need from you during the months following the accident, and how did the experience change you? How did it change your goals for the future?
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