ISS Scholarships at University of Oslo

    The ISS offers scholarships to applicants from certain countries.
    Competition for these scholarships is high and funds are limited, so the majority of scholarships awarded are partial scholarships.
    Only approximately 50 full scholarships are granted.


    To be a successful ISS scholarship recipient, you must demonstrate:
    • that your academic background is relevant to the course you apply for (see course descriptions for more information)
    • that your professional background is relevant to the course you apply for
    • your financial need

    Who can apply for scholarships?
    • Asia, Oceania, Africa, Central America and South America

    • Caucasus and Balkans

    • Former Soviet Union states

    • EU and EEA countries

    • USA and Canada

    • Scandinavian studies scholarships

    Who CANNOT apply for scholarships awarded by the ISS?
    • Citizens of Nordic countries
    • International applicants residing in Nordic countries who apply for Bachelor's courses
    • Applicants for Bachelor's courses from Asia, Oceania, and Africa
    • Citizens of EU and EEA countries who apply for full scholarships
    • Medical professionals applying for Norwegian language courses
    • Applicants to ISSN0110 Intensive Elementary Norwegian, Level I
    • Current and former University of Oslo students


    Do you wish to become an international student next year?
    Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


    Scholarships may cover
    • travel costs
    • the basic on-campus or off-campus fee
    • extra course fees
    • pocket money (NOK 3000)

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