International Postdoctoral Positions in Atomistic Modelling of Interface and Surface Chemistry

  • Phd
  • Salaried
  • 10 July 2021
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Project descriptions Modeling of safety in the realm of nuclear power generation may be subdivided into the following aspects with related sub-divisions:
    1. Materials integrity
  • Accident tolerant fuels
    Resilience of load bearing structures to stress corrosion cracking, SCC

    1. Radiation build-up mitigation
  • In-core formation of CRUD (Chalk River Unidentified Deposit, deposits originally found at the Chalk River laboratories) related to water chemistry on fuel rod claddings
    Radionuclide build-up on out-of-core piping

The aims of the different postdoc projects are (i) to explore Cr base alloy coatings for enhanced resilience of fuel cladding materials under accident conditions, (ii) to gain mechanistic insight regarding essential sensitizing processes that would render load bearing nickel-base alloys prone to stress corrosion cracking in nuclear power applications. and (iii) to provide crucial contributions to the understanding of CRUD formation/dissolution and reprecipitation as well as its enhancing role in radionuclide concentration build-up. The projects are to be conducted in collaboration with experimental groups, at Chalmers and elsewhere, nationally as well as internationally. Specifically, the successful postdocs are expected to collaborate with scientists doing exposure and water chemistry experiments as well as state of the art microscopic analyses, also with parties in industry.


To qualify for the position, you must have completed a PhD in chemistry or physics specializing in electronic structure calculations and methodologies at the time of appointment. In practice, this means you already have a PhD or you will be finishing your PhD studies in the near future. The degree should generally not be older than three years. 

Experience of atomistic 1st principles modelling on main-frame supercomputers, AI and Machine Learning as well as programming is an asset.

To be successful, you need to be highly motivated, independent, and have high analytical, social, and communicational skills. Highest standards of research ethics are a must. Excellent knowledge of English, written and spoken, is also required. With this set, we offer unique opportunities for top notch basic research pertaining to technologically important materials and career development. 


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