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IETA-UN Guarantee Admissions & Visa program for African Students

IETA in partnership with UN and all of the Universities in Eastern Europe & China has designed this admissions and visa program to deliver guaranteed admissions within 10 working days for African students to be able to study at World-leading Universities and at a very affordable tuition cheaper or comperable to Africa and all courses are offered in English-Medium.Tuition range from 400-3000USD/year of academic studies. NO FEES TO APPLY! Tuition is paid upon arrival as well. Please note that we don't guarantee scholarship for Bachelor's degree.


*Be an African*Upto 75% for Bachelor's degree seekers & 2.5 for Master's degree seekers*Have intentions to study

Test your English

Prepare for your study by taking one of the most popular and most accepted English language proficiency tests.


1.GUARANTEED Admissions within 10 working days2. GUARANTEED Visa3. 100%  tuition fot Master's program (students having 3.5 out of 4 GPA


Click the following link & apply:https://form.myjotform.com/81616723469565

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