Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship

  • Master, Bachelor, Phd, Course
  • 100% tuition fee, $3120/year, free dorm
  • 31 January 2022

The Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship was established by the Hungarian Government for those who live in a Hungarian diaspora outside of Europe and wish to study at a Hungarian higher education institution to develop their personal, professional, and cultural relations to Hungary.

The program aims to support the professional advancement of the scholarship holders with high-quality Hungarian higher education while improving their Hungarian language skills and strengthening their Hungarian identity. After graduation, scholarship holders return to their home country with competitive skills and knowledge that enables them to support their community, preserve Hungarian values and reinforce the relations between the diaspora and Hungary.

28 Universities offering 1300 full degree and non-degree programs.


  • The applicant maintains his/her Hungarian identity, which he/she convincingly demonstrates in a motivation letter and declares in a statement that is a part of the application,
  • The applicant is a citizen of one of the eligible countries and has an address outside of Hungary,
  • The applicant holds a recommendation from a Hungarian diaspora organization or a Hungarian Diplomatic Representation of the respective country,
  • The applicant has made a statement that he/she has lived a minimum of 10 years outside Hungary before the submission of his/her application.
  • The applicant has completed the last 4 years of his/her secondary education in a foreign country (not Hungary). If in the applicant’s country secondary education lasts less than 4 years, the last period of primary education will be considered, too.
  • The applicant was born before 31 August 2004 (except those applying for Dance study programs),
  • The applicant undertakes to sign a scholarship agreement and learn Hungarian as a foreign language and culture during his/her whole study period. The applicant undertakes to pass a Hungarian as a foreign language exam at least at B2 level as well at the end of his/her studies but no later than within 1 year after obtaining the diploma, in case of scholarship holders studying at a 3-4 semesters long postgraduate specialist training course, within 1 year after receiving their certificate). The obligation to pass a Hungarian as a foreign language exam does not apply to students taking part in short study programs (1 or 2 semesters) or in partial studies.
  • The applicant undertakes to do 2 years of voluntary work after graduation in a foreign country in favor of the local Hungarian diaspora community.

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Tuition-free education: exemption from the payment of tuition fee

Medical insurance:

health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act 122/2019, Eligibility for Social Security Benefits and the Funding for These Services) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65,000 (ca. $203) a year/person

Monthly stipend:

  • non-degree, bachelor’s, master’s, and one-tier master’s level: monthly amount of HUF 43,700 (ca. $136) contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year
  • doctoral-level program: according to the current Hungarian legislation, the monthly amount of scholarship is HUF 140,000 (ca. $437) for the first phase of education (4 semesters) and HUF 180,000 (ca. $562) for the second phase (4 semesters) - for 12 months a year, until completion of studies. The scholarship holder in the doctoral program grant only a one-time amount of subsidy HUF 400,000 (ca. $1250) after obtaining the diploma, in case the scholarship holder received a monthly allowance during the last semester of his/her studies.

Travel contribution (upon request):

the scholarship also includes a travel component, based on which, taking into account the distance between Budapest and the city of the scholarship holder's place of

residence, it provides a one-occasion travel allowance of HUF 330,000 between 8,000 and 19,999 km upon request (the distance is calculated based on the Erasmus+ Distance Calculator).

Accommodation contribution:

free dormitory place or a contribution of HUF 40,000/month to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period. (Please note that if the student does not live in the dormitory, the HUF 40,000/month is a contribution to the rental costs, and in bigger cities – especially in the capital city – this contribution would not cover the full amount of rental costs.)


Deadline: Jan 31, 2022.

Fill out the online application form, and attach the following documents:

  • Motivation Letter
  • Recommendation letter from a Diaspora Organisation or the Hungarian Diplomatic Representation of the respective territory
  • Secondary school certificates and their translations in the language of the selected study program, in English or in Hungarian
  • Proof of language proficiency and their translations in the language of the selected study program, in English or in Hungarian
  • School certificates and their translations in the language of the selected study program, in English or in Hungarian
  • Transcript of Records and its translations in the language of the selected study program, in English or in Hungarian
  • Copy of Identification Document
  • Medical Certificate

Ph.D. Applicants must attach in addition:

  • Research Plan
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of the Supervisor
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