Help Save One of the Rarest Birds in the World

  • Phd
  • Full PhD tuition fees and Living Stipend for Three Full Years
  • 6 April 2018

The Fairy tern one of the most endangered birds in New Zealand - see PhD researcher will be investigating the food supply of this coastal  seabird to feed its chicks - small estuarine fishes.  We want to know which species of fish are being caught, where they are being caught from, when they are being caught, and then some understanding of the distribution and abundance of the key prey species for these rare birds.  The research would be conducted at two wild coastal locations where these birds nest each year.


You need to be a highly capable student both academically and practically to be funded to undertake this unique research project.  Top marks in marine or terrestrial ecology to MSc of BSc(hons) level would be required.  Field research experience would also be invaluable.


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Full tuition fees for three years at the University of Auckland - the top University in New Zealand, and ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. will also be paid a full living allowance (tax free) for three years while conducting the research.


Email your CV and academic transcript to Professor Andrew Jeffs

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