GFPS: Exchange Program for between Germany and Central and Eastern Europe: for students who want to study in Germany

    The volunteers, mainly organized by student clubs, don't see themselves as mere donators, but represent the personal encounter of their fellows at each ciy.

    The personal service is completed in all three countries through a semester -long seminar program:

    • The beginning of the semester starts with the city days: the scholars and GFPS members meet to get to know each other. It's a cultural program and they invite speakers, with which students can discuss current issues from the German -Polish- Czech - Belarus area.
    • The second meeting, called the square, is the highlight of the stay: on this scientific seminar, the results of the students will be presented and within a round of scholarship recipients and GFPS members diuscussed. For further input additional speakers are invited as well.
    • For the fellows in Poland a seminar in Warsaw middle of the semester is organized by the Foundation for German -Polish cooperation. The aim is to get to know the the foundation and there is a cultural programme as well as workshops for the mutual exchange.


    • Age limits: Master 29, PhD 31,
    • Knowledge of the local language,
    • Interest in aspects of society,
    • Commitment to international exchange,
    • Potential Multipliers.


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    Students receive a monthly scholarship of around 580 euros in Germany. Members of the association help locally in the search for accommodation and with the registration formalities, and otherwise support the students in word and deed. Scholarship holders are personally responsible to any travel expenses they may have. The GFPS will also endeavour to reach a fee waiver (exemption) agreement for the scholarship holders. The GFPS city groups not only offer organisational support, but also often provide a small social programme for the scholarship holders.

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