Gerda Henkel Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

    Its sole purpose is the promotion of the sciences, in the sense of "knowledge".

    It is dedicated to advancement of the historical humanities, predominantly history, archaeology, history of art and historical sub-disciplines. The foundations activities are not limited to Germany. Its initiatives are internationally oriented.

    Applicants are required to have completed their degrees with above-average grades and their theses have to promise a well above-average result. Successful applicants will receive full sponsorships for a maximum of 2 years. Approximately 40 young academics are sponsored every year.


    • Only applicants who are not older than 28 years at the time of concluding their master studies may be included in the selection process.

      • Example: If an applicant was aged 25 when graduating, then he or she can still apply to the Foundation for a Ph.D. scholarship when aged 35.
      • This age limit shall be extended to take the following situations into account: night school, bringing up children, military service, work experience and other exceptional circumstances.
    • For an application to be considered in the selection process the overall master grade awarded must be at least 1.5 or above in Germany (comparable with grade A in other countries). For candidates with a foreign degree, a special examination for inclusion in the selection process will be performed in the Foundation's office. The final grade achieved in legal exams also will likewise be assessed separately.

    • The Foundation will not grant scholarships for the completion of Ph.D. projects.


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    Monthly scholarship award: 1,400,- euros

    Instead of the grant paid hitherto toward covering documented costs for outside childcare, Foundation stipend holders working on Ph.D. or research projects who have submitted their application after 1 January, will receive a monthly family grant awarded on presentation of the child’s birth certificate. The family grant is disbursed for children who have not yet turned 18.

    • for one child: EUR 300,-
    • for two children: EUR 400,-
    • for three or more children: EUR 500,-

    Applicants who filed their applications before 31 December will receive a grant towards the costs of childcare in line with the previously valid terms.

    Monthly endowment for scholarships abroad: 350,- euros

    Travel aid: as required

    Material aid: as required

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