Fully funded PhD Positionsin Nano-Emulsion of Carbon Dioxide in Water for Carbon Sequestration

  • PHD
  • Tuition fees + $28,854 p.a.
  • 30 November 2021

Creative and innovative PhD applications are invited for a fully funded PhD scholarship for our new Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project on Carbon dioxide in water nano-emulsions for carbon sequestration. The successful applicant will be working in a multidisciplinary team in collaboration with project collaborators from the University of Queensland.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has recently gained significant attention for reducing greenhouse gas and to address the climate issue. In conventional CCS, CO2 is generally stored as a pure supercritical fluid, which rises up in the formation until a geological seal layer is reached; this seal provides a structural trap preventing the escape of the fluid out of the subsurface. A restricting concern and risk is the reliability of this seal which can have sand sections or faults which might allow the buoyant CO2 to escape to overlying aquifers, even over centuries.

This project aims to develop a novel and reliable method for permanent CCS, in which CO2 is injected as a nano-emulsion in water in order to increase the CO2 solubility and thereby accelerate its reaction with rocks. This project will more specifically investigate the formation of a stable nano-emulsion of CO2 in water using environmentally benign surfactants and demonstrate the mineralisation of the CO2 into stable carbonate solids by analysing the reaction rates and products.

The University of Newcastle, Australia
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The University of Newcastle, Australia

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Applications will be judged on a competitive basis taking into account the applicant's previous academic record, publication record, honours and awards, and employment history. A working knowledge of emulsions /foams which include characterisation and mathematical modelling of the emulsion would be of benefit to someone working on this project. The applicant will demonstrate academic achievement in the field(s) of chemical engineering, physical chemistry, carbon capture and storage and the potential for scholastic success. A background or knowledge of reaction and mineralisation of CO2 is highly desirable.

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$28,854 per annum (2022 rate) indexed annually. For a PhD candidate, the living allowance scholarship is for 3.5 years and the tuition fee scholarship is for four years. Scholarships also include up to $1,500 relocation allowance and Overseas Student Health Cover at single rate, for an international candidate.

In addition a living allowance top-up of $5,000 per annum is provided.


Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest along with scanned copies of their academic transcripts, CV, a brief statement of their research interests and a proposal that specifically links them to the research project.

Please send the email expressing interest to mahshid.firouzi@newcastle.edu.au

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