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Foreign Language Assistants from Abroad in Germany

Foreign language assistants for the English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian languages are particularly sought. Approximately 1,100 foreign language assistants come to Germany in this way each year for a period of 8 or 9 months.

They are placed at grammar schools, secondary schools, comprehensive schools, vocational schools, and sometimes also primary schools. Their role is to support subject teachers in teaching modern foreign languages. During this period they receive 800.00 EUR per month plus liability insurance. Participants from the USA are also refunded their travel expenses.


students from Australia, Belgium (French community), Canada (anglophones or Quebec), the People's Republic of China, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, Spain, Switzerland (francophones), the United Kingdom, the United States

Academic Requirements Foreign-language assistants are required to have completed a degree course of at least 2 years at a higher education institution in their home countries with 1 of the subjects being German.

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  • monthly stipend of EUR 800

  • health-, accident- and liability insurances

  • contribution to travel expenses, if necessary

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