Finnish Studies and Research / Scholarships for Post-Master's Studies and Research at Finnish Universities

    CIMO awards scholarships to non-Finnish post-graduate students and researchers who carry out their research outside Finland. Applicants should have at least a Master’s degree. Scholarships are available for post-graduate studies or research in a Finnish university or for short study visits.


    The scholarships are intended for post-graduate students and researchers at universities outside Finland who study
    • Finnish language or culture or
    • Finno-Ugric languages


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    Scholarships of 3 to 12 months
    The scholarships for post-graduate studies or research in Finnish universities can be awarded from 3 to 12 months. The amount of the scholarship is 1500 €/month. CIMO does not award separate grants for travel or other expenses.
    Short-term scholarships, 1-4 weeks
    Scholarships are available for short visits of 1 to 4 weeks relating to post-graduate studies or research. The amount of the scholarships is 375 €/week.
    The scholarship can be used, for example, to
    • visit archives
    • attend seminars
    • conduct interviews
    • meet with supervisors.

    Pure conference trips are not eligible for the scholarship; the visit must include other type of work related to the applicant’s studies or research, too.

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