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Financial aid is monetary assistance from institutional, governmental, or private source that is available to assist students in affording educational costs. This Financial aid could be in the form of academic scholarships, tuition waiver, study loans, and student employment.
Financial aid reflects the University's commitment to a student community that is broadly diverse in terms of race, geography, gender, special skills and talent. NSU offers financial aid (Tuition waiver). NSU offers Financial aid to students under the provision of Private University Act 2010, where students of NSU can apply in the following categories:
Financial aid for the wards of freedom fighters (WoFF) of liberation war (Quota based waiver). Financial aid based on previous academic attainment and admission test result (Merit based tuition waiver). Financial aid based on high academic achievement at NSU (Merit based tuition waiver).  Financial aid based on financial NEED of a student (based on
humanitarian ground). Financial aid based on Need and Merit of a student (Merit-Need based waiver). Financial aid based on siblings study together at NSU. Financial aid in the form of student employment at NSU (Work-Study
based waiver).
Financial aid Calendar
Spring Semester (January to April): Applications are invited in 1st Week of January
Summer Semester (May to August): Applications are invited in 1st Week of May
Fall Semester (September to December): Performance and eligibility are reviewed


North South University awards financial aid in the form of full/partial tuition waiver only to the deserving students who achieve and maintain outstanding academic track records as mentioned below:
  • Undergraduate applicants securing 1st and 2nd position in the NSU admission test get full tuition waiver (100%).
  • GPA 5.00 (excluding 4th Subject) in either SSC or HSC and at least GPA 4.80 in the other (excluding 4th Subject) with satisfactory NSU Admission Test Performance.
  • Candidates who earn 7 'A's in O-level exams and 3 'A's in A-level having satisfactory NSU Admission Test Score.
  • MBA and MPH applicants securing highest score in the NSU admission test are entitled to 50% tuition waiver upon admission.
  • NSU graduates, with CGPA 3.80 at undergraduate level would be entitled to 50% tuition waiver upon his/her admission in any graduate level students at NSU.
  • General students of NSU seeking financial aid must fulfill the minimum criteria i.e. the undergraduate students must complete minimum 9 credits and maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.75 and graduate students 3.25 with 6 Credits.
  • Aid for Siblings: Financial assistance is also available for siblings i.e. if two brothers or two sisters or one brother and one sister, whatever may be the case, have been studying at NSU, they would be entitled to 25% tuition waiver each subject to eligibility and they must apply formally during usual aid process.
  • Freedom Fighter quota: Students availing freedom fighter quota must apply formally enclosing with the following documents/details as per requirement of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs


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