Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship for Underrepresented and Vulnerable Students

  • Master
  • 100% tuition fee waiver

The Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences is giving one scholarship for underrepresented and vulnerable students.

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University of Rijeka (uniri)

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  • The definitions are set out by the Croatian Ministry for Education.
  • Underrepresented students are from a student group that forms a lower percentage of the student population within Higher Education in relation to the general population, and to the situation in other European countries. The following underrepresented student groups are identified by the Ministry for Education:
  • Students whose parents have a lower level of education,
  • Female students in technical disciplines,
  • Male students in humanities,
  • Older students,
  • Students with children,
  • Students from the Roma minority.
  • Vulnerable students are from those groups that have a higher risk of being exposed to problems in academic and social integration. The following vulnerable student groups are identified by the Ministry for Education:
  • Older students,
  • Students with invalidities,
  • Students from the Roma minority,
  • Students from families with low economic status,
  • Students from vocational schools,
  • Students who are working,
  • Students who are travelling to the city in which they are enrolled in a study programme,
  • LGBT students,
  • Students from alternative care
  • Homeless students,
  • Students from rural areas, smaller towns, and islands,
  • Refugees,
  • Asylum seekers.

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This scholarship will cover the tuition fees over the two years of the programme.


At the moment, the following scholarships have been secured for students applying to start in the academic year 2023/2024.