Evonik Foundation Scholarship in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

    The Evonik Foundation supports mainly students preparing doctoral, diploma and master’s theses.

    In providing scholarships, we seek to support individuals academically as well as personally. For example, each scholarship holder is assigned an advisor to answer technical questions, offer insights into practical experience and establish valuable professional contacts. And of course the Evonik Foundation helps fund the purchase of research literature and attendance of scientific congresses. If desired, our scholarship holders are welcome to participate in the program Evonik Perspectives at Evonik Industries AG.


    Target Group

    The foundation awards scholarships every year, particularly for academic research by doctoral candidates, post-docs and other academically qualified persons. Key sponsorship areas are fixed by the foundation every year. This year, sponsorship is concentrated on technical chemistry and catalytic processes. The work of selected artists as well as basic and advanced training of particularly committed and talented young persons, especially in the field of music, is also supported.

    Academic Requirements

    All applicants must have demonstrated above-average aptitude and achievements during their studies, thereby giving reason to expect them to complete their studies successfully. Therefore, support generally begins only after it has become possible to evaluate the applicant's achievements - generally after a preliminary Diplom or after a Bachelor's degree in the case of lengthy courses of study.

    Application Requirements

    The precondition for support is that the applicant cannot adequately finance the intended academic education from his own funds, parental subsidies or donations from third parties and has exhausted the scope of state assistance under the BaföG (Federal German Educational Promotion) Act. The Evonik Foundation also takes into consideration students whose excellent academic achievements and unusual research projects have attracted attention.


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    The period for which the scholarship is awarded depends on the degree pursued. As rule, the periods and amounts are as follows:

    • Diploma and masters theses: six months, 250-400 euros/month
    • Semester abroad: six months, 400-600 euros/month
    • Doctoral program: two years (option to extend), 1,400 euros/month
    • Postdoctoral studies: one year`s funding is decided on a case by case basis

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