Estophilus Scholarship

  • PHD, Master, Bachelor
  • 660€ per month + travel compensation up to 1,100€
  • 14 March 2024
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The purpose of Estophilus scholarship is to support the Estonia-specific research of students enrolled in universities abroad and of international researchers interested in the Estonian language and culture (in Estonia), by thus contributing to the exchange of knowledge and making Estonia more visible. The activity results in increased number of studies related to Estonia and of the students interested in the Estonian language and culture.

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University of Tartu

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  • The Estophilus scholarship may be applied for by the foreign nationals final year BA students, master’s students, PhD students and post-doctorate researchers from universities abroad while staying in Estonia for conducting research or collecting material about Estonia for 1-5 months.
  • The Estonian language proficiency is an advantage but not a requirement. The research plan has to focus on topics related to Estonia in specific.

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The scholarship consists of the scholarship for living costs in the amount of 660 euros per month, and travel compensation as a set rate based on European Commission's web-based calculator.


The application form must be signed digitally (with an ID card or Mobile ID) or in writing and then scanned and sent with additional documents to the e-mail address displayed on the website.

Required application documents:

formal application;

research plan;

curriculum vitae;

proof that the applicant is a final year BA student, MA or PhD student or a document verifying the PhD degree;

confirmation of the Estonian supervisor about the acceptance of the candidate and confirmation of his/her preparedness of supervising the candidate. The Estonian host/supervisor must briefly describe the research topic and justify the importance of the research for Estonia.

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