Eric Bleumink Fund Researchers

    The Fund awards several types of scholarships to talented researchers from the developing world. Such scholarships mean that they can follow further education partly in Groningen and partly in their own country.

    Such scholarships enable them to further develop as individuals and to make important contributions to the development of their own countries.


    In all cases, candidates who are employed and supported by an institute or university in a developing country that has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Groningen and who receive an income from that institution will be given preferential treatment.

    The criteria for approval are:

    1. Academic excellence. This is shown by the academic performance of the students and may be confirmed by letters of recommendation from university professors.
    2. The contribution of the candidate´s education in terms of strengthening the scientific capacity in the candidate´s home country.
    3. The perspectives of contribution to long-term links between the university in the developing country and the University of Groningen.
    4. A proper balance between male and female candidates.
    5. Ranging over various disciplines (faculties).
    6. Regional variety over different continents.
    7. Motivation: it should be made clear by the applicant that requests for other funding have also been submitted (please submit copies of application forms).

    Candidates for the Eric Bleumink Fund should:

    • be nationals of and have their permanent residence in a developing country (see first two columns of Appendix 1)
    • have a good command of the English language
    • be in good health, so that health insurance in the Netherlands can be arranged
    • be available for the whole period of the fellowship and be able to take part in the entire study programme
    • have no other means of financing the study in question

    The decisions concerning approval or rejection of applications are taken by the Board of the Eric Bleumink Fund. It is not possible to appeal against a decision by the Board.

    Extra criteria for PhD researchers:

    • the applicant should be employed by a research institute or university in a developing country and should receive an income from the home institute
    • the application should also be supported by this organization
    • the University of Groningen must be able to provide an academic supervisor who will be responsible for the scientific supervision of the research


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    Travel to and from the Netherlands

    • The journeys to the Netherlands and back are included in the scholarship grant.
    • The travel costs include the flights between Amsterdam and the airport nearest to the fellowship recipient’s (scholarship student’s) residence. It includes travel insurance and airport taxes. The maximum fare covered is economy class. Additional expenses such as excess baggage are not covered. For more information see ‘Allowances’.
    • Fellowship recipients are advised to arrange travel insurance for their journey from their home town and back.

    Arrival and accommodation in the Netherlands

    • The University of Groningen will provide the fellowship recipients with the necessary information regarding their arrival in Amsterdam and their further travel to Groningen. The local currency (Euro) is required for this journey within the Netherlands. At the airport, any international convertible currency can be changed into Euros.
    • In Groningen, students can find accommodation through the Housing Office. The University of Groningen assists fellowship recipients in finding accommodation by sending application forms and by explaining the procedures to the recipients. They are advised to make arrangements well in advance.
    • Recipients are obliged to report to the Foreign Police Department at the police headquarters. They must report within the time stated on the entry visa.
    • A clothing allowance is not included in the fellowship. Recipients are advised to bring warm clothing – it can be quite cold in the Netherlands during the winter.


    The allowances mentioned are applicable in the Netherlands. Different amounts apply if the student or researcher is studying or working in another country.

    The allowances are paid per month at the beginning of the month.
    The allowance is paid for the duration of the fellowship, starting on the day of arrival in the Netherlands. The day of arrival should not be more than 1 week before the start of the program concerned. The allowance is paid until the recipient’s day of departure from the Netherlands, which should be no later than 5 days after the end of the program concerned. Recipients are entitled to the following allowances:

    • A living allowance of € 970 per month for food and accommodation for Master’s students and € 1,190 for PhD candidates. In the case of a short stay in the Netherlands, the University of Groningen will make lodging arrangements for this period. The costs of rent, amounting up to a maximum of € 450 for master’s students and € 475 for PhD candidates will be deducted from the living allowance. In that case € 520 remains of the monthly allowance for Master’s students and € 715 for PhD candidates.
    • A settling allowance of € 275 for extra expenses incurred when arriving in the Netherlands. This lump sum is paid along with the first monthly allowance. ubbo emmius funderic bleumink fund9
    • Travel costs for the journey from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) to Groningen and back.
    • A study allowance of € 310 per year for books and other study material.
    • The expenses for the visa at the Netherlands Embassy and the Foreign Police Department in the Netherlands will be reimbursed.
    • PhD candidates may receive a research budget of up to € 2,300 per year. The research budget should be approved by the supervisor of the study program.

    Tuition fees for the Master’s program or the PhD program will be covered by the Eric Bleumink Fund (in some cases in collaboration with other partners). Extensions of the fellowship are approved only in cases of:

    • serious illness during the student’s study in the Netherlands
    • the recipient having to return home as a result of the death or serious illness of an immediate relative
    • the recipient not being able to finish his or her study in time due to circumstances beyond the control of the recipient or the University of Groningen this determination will be made by the Board of the EBF

    Expenses refund

    • Occasional travel in the Netherlands in connection with the program or research will be refunded. Such travel has to be approved by the supervisor of the study program.
    • In some cases, excursions or field trips may be refunded


    • Within the framework of the Eric Bleumink Fund, the fellowship recipients are insured through a private insurance company. The Eric Bleumink Fund pays the insurance premium. The insurance policy is handed over to the fellowship recipient upon arrival or shortly afterwards. The insurance policy covers certain expenses related to: Medical treatment Personal accidents Extra flight home in case of emergency Legal liability for private persons
    • Recipients are covered from the day of arrival in the Netherlands until the day of departure.
    • The insurance is valid in all West European countries.
    • Costs not paid by the insurance must be paid by the recipient.
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