Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate - SINCHEM: The European Doctoral Programme on Sustainable Industrial Chemistry

  • Phd
  • Fully Funded
  • 20 January 2017

The SINCHEM doctoral programme is a three-year world-class Joint Doctoral Programme offered by the SINCHEM consortium of 30 European partner institutions. All SINCHEM doctoral candidates will carry out research at three partners of the network.

SINCHEM seek to exploit fundamental knowledge to applied development by developing collaborations between high level academic and industrial teams across Europe. Our main mission will be to transfer sustainable/green chemistry from idea to innovation.

Characteristics of the Doctorate:The scientific objectives of SINCHEM are to perform world-level science in the field of sustainable chemistry with full attention to the interface with the industrial chemistry competitiveness and Europe’s environment and sustainable development.

SINCHEM will focused on the following mains sectors, which are both key aspects of the principles for sustainable/green chemistry and critical elements for the innovation in the sustainable chemical industry:

Development of innovative catalysts and catalytic processes. Novel green solvents. Renewable energy and raw materials. Micro-reactors and membrane.


**General admission criteria:  **Candidates must hold a 2nd Level Master Degree  or a Single-Cycle Degree in Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Bio-Engineering, Materials Science, or equivalent degree in a pertinent field, awarded by a College, University or Technical School with recognized standing.

Students can apply even if they have not finished their master or engineering studies within our application deadline as long as they will have finished by October 1st  of the year they intend to start their PhD.

**Language requirements: **Candidates are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English, either by proving that some of their previous studies were successfully completed in English (minimum two years), or by submitting the results of a recognized language proficiency test.

Knowledge of other relevant languages like German, French and Italian is favorable.


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There are excellent fellowship opportunities for students accepted to the SINCHEM Programme. These fellowships are given to the highest ranked PhD candidates for the duration of the Ph.D. program (three years). The offer of scholarships depends on the category to which the  candidate belongs.

The gross amounts (cost to company) of individual EMJD fellowships for fixed living allowance will be **2800 Euro/month. **The net amount of salary will result from deducting all relevant charges and taxes according to national regulations (minimum 1400 Euro/month).

Enrolment fee are included in the participation costs for the Erasmus Mundus fellowship holder. The participation costs will be retained directly to the Consortium. This means that the € 21,600 (€ 600 x 36 months) will not be transferred to the candidate’s bank account but will instead be used to cover the laboratory participation costs, including the enrolment fee, insurance costs, training costs, diploma costs, etc.

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