Erasmus Mundus: Action 2 - Partnerships (for students)

    Erasmus Mundus is a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education that aims to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with Third-Countries. In addition, it contributes to the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of Higher education institutions in Third Countries by increasing mobility between the European Union and these countries.
    The Erasmus Mundus Action 2 was launched in 2006 under the name "External Cooperation Window". It offers a cooperation, development and mobility scheme in the field of higher education between European and a great variety of non European countries and regions around the world. This Action provides EU funds partnerships of EU and non-EU higher education institutions with the purpose of organising mobility of students, researchers and academic staff. The non-EU countries covered by the programme are grouped together into regional or national lots.
    A call for proposals is published on a yearly basis. Each call selects new partnerships of higher education institutions that will be funded to organise mobility flows between Europe and the countries included in the respective geographical lot. Selected partnerships are responsible for awarding individual grants and scholarships. The partnership will define its own criteria and procedures for selecting students, professors, scholars etc, who will benefit from mobility grants between the countries covered by the partnership.
    In June of each year, the Agency publishes on its website a list of the partnerships selected in the Call, as well as the countries covered, and the universities making up the various partnerships.


    Students (undergraduates to post-docs) and staff (administrative and academic).
    Students, researchers and academics from EU and non-EU partner countries interested in benefiting from a scholarship are invited to submit their applications directly to a selected partnership. Please remember that you can only apply to the lot where your country is included.
    If your nationality does not correspond with the countries mentioned you can still contact the selected partnership to find out how to participate.
    All mobility under Erasmus Mundus Action 2 shares the following characteristics:
    • Mobility covers a range of individual beneficiaries: students at undergraduate, masters, doctorate and post-doctorate level, academic and administrative staff and professionals from universities from the non-European countries covered by the respective geographic lot.
    • It covers a wide range of academic disciplines, though these will vary according to the priorities set for each of the geographic lots.
    • Mobility can last from a minimum of one month for professors and six months (one semester) for students, to a maximum of 34 months for doctoral students.
    • To benefit from a grant, European students and teachers must be registered at one of the European universities in the partnership.
    • Students, professors or professionals from outside Europe must be nationals of one of the countries covered by the respective geographic lot. They do not necessarily need to belong to one of the consortium universities.
    • The various geographic lots favour the award of grants to nationals of the non-European countries who are disadvantaged or who find themselves in a "particularlty vulnerable situation". Please see the annual call for proposals for more on this definition.

    Please note that eligibility criteria for grants and scholarships may vary from one geographic lot to another.


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    Grants cover the entirety of the cost of travel and accommodation at the host university, including the living costs and costs related to matriculation and insurance.

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