Erasmus Mundus: Action 1 - Masters Courses and Joint Doctorates

    To apply for an EU-funded scholarship you should address your application direct to an Erasmus Mundus course or partnership. Please follow the steps below:
    Action 1
    • Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees (EMJMD)
    • Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates (EMJD)
    Programmes offered by consortia of higher education institutions with study/research periods in at least two European countries.
    Scholarships for students and doctoral candidates to attend these programmes.


    Action 1
    Who can apply?
    • Students and doctoral candidates from all over the world


    Do you wish to become an international student next year?
    Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


    The amount of scholarship awarded varies depending on whether the student has carried out their main activities (studies, work etc) for more than 12 months in Europe over the last 5 years or not. The programme offers full-time scholarships and/or fellowships that cover the living costs, tuition fees, travelling and insurance costs of the students.
    The Erasmus Mundus grants are divided in two categories (A and B), depending whether students/doctoral candidates come from a country outside the EU (cat. A) or from a European country (cat. B), and vary according the duration of the joint programme and the mobility track.
    Indicative amounts for the EM scholarships of the Erasmus Mundus master courses
    Up to EUR 24.000 per year for a master programma (cat. A: non-EU)
    Up to EUR 11.500 per year for a master programme (cat. B: EU)
    Up to EUR 14.400 for a scholar, for a period of three months.
    Indicative amounts for the EM doctorate fellowships for the Erasmus Mundus doctorate programmes
    Up to EUR 129.900 during 36 months for a doctorate programme (cat. A: non-EU)
    Up to EUR 61.200 during 36 months for a doctorate programme (cat. B: EU)

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