Engineering: Fully Funded M2A EngD at Swansea University: Development of a Novel Nanofiber

  • Phd
  • Full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a stipend
  • 15 March 2019

Start date: October 2019

Supervisor: Prof O Guy and Dr C Wright

Sponsoring company: Hybrisan Ltd

The global biosensing market is estimated to be worth $15.6 billion and growing.

Biofilms adversely affect all types of process water infrastructure and are a cause of avoidable financial loss within the industrial sector. Biofouling of water infrastructure results in product contamination, microbially induced corrosion and reductions in the efficiency of heat exchangers. Furthermore, once established, biofilms are almost impossible to remove due to a suite of inherent resistance mechanisms.

Currently, there are no scalable techniques for the in situ detection of microbial biofouling. Electrospinning shows promise for the fabrication of nanofibers for applications in biosensing. However, the small scale manufacturing capabilities of the needle electrospinning technique brings limitations.

Free-surface electrospinning has demonstrated significant promise as a scalable technique. Functionalisation of nanofibres with relevant biomarkers offers a unique opportunity for the fabrication of a scalable biosensor, which can be employed as a functionalised coating for the purposes of biofilm detection.


We welcome applications from candidates with an Engineering or Physical Science degree (minimum level 2:1), or a combination of degree and equivalent relevant experience to the same level, to join the M2A community of research engineers.

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