Emergency Grants for women in Great Britain

    FfWG offers Emergency Grants to graduate women who face an unforeseen financial crisis (not with their fees) whilst engaged in study or research at an approved institution of higher education in Great Britain.
    An Emergency Grant is not a 'top up' award - all students are short of money. You must show in your application how you had made provision for your living expenses for the whole academic year. Emergency Grants are not available for a shortfall in fees.
    The Emergency Grant scheme is intended to help those women graduate students who are faced with financial difficulties because of unforeseen and unexpected circumstances beyond their control which might prevent the completion of their year's work.


    The criteria for awarding Grants are the proven needs of the applicant and her academic calibre. Competition is very great so not all qualifying applicants will receive a Grant. Grants are offered on a needs basis therefore not all grants will be for the maximum sum quoted for the grant.
    • Women Graduates from Great Britain and overseas are eligible to apply.
    • There is no upper age limit.
    • Evidence of ability to pay fees is required.
    • An Emergency grant is not a ‘top up’ award;most students are short of money.
    • These are one-off payments to assist with completion of an academic year’s work.


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    These are one off payments to assist with the completion of an academic year’s work. No grant is likely to exceed £2,500. All our grants are offered on a needs basis and therefore not all grants will be for £2,500.

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