Early Admission Lottery

    Riga Graduate School of Law has announced an Early Admissions Lottery which allows this year’s applicants to win one academic year of tuition-free studies – one spot in the Bachelor programmes and one in the Masters programmes. In order to participate, applicants should submit their documents for early admission before 17 March. Apply online: http://apply.rgsl.edu.lv/enter/33
    Candidates for the tuition waiver in the Bachelor study programmes are required to have an overall grade average above 8 (A and B levels, according to ECTS) in the grade transcript from their first study semester in the last year of secondary school. Previous year graduates will be evaluated by the overall grade average in their graduation diploma. The candidates should meet other RGSL admission requirements.
    All eligible applicants for the Masters programmes may also participate in the Early Admissions Lottery by submitting their application documents before 17 March. The Tuition Fee Waivers Committee will evaluate the applicant's academic performance and compliance with admission requirements.
    The lottery is available to residents of Latvia and all other countries. The lottery results will be announced along with the early admissions results – before 17 April.


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