DOST RA 7687 Scholarship

  • Bachelor
  • 100% tuition fee and 138,000php per year
  • 6 September 2019

the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DoST-SEI) said applications for the 2020 Undergraduate Scholarships Program are now open to graduating senior high school students. DoST-SEI added: “Application is open to students in the STEM strand but non-STEM students may also apply provided they belong to the top 5% of their graduating class.”

Applicants should also be natural-born Filipino citizens who are physically healthy and have good morals. Applicants can apply either as a scholar qualified under Republic Act 7687 or “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994” or as a Merit Scholar with high aptitude in Mathematics and Science.

Application forms can be accessed at Completed applications can be submitted to any DoST regional or provincial office to the DoST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarship Division office in Taguig.

The deadline for applications is Sept. 6 with an examination scheduled for Oct. 20. Applicants for the 2020 S&T Undergraduate Scholarships must pursue a Bachelor of Science degree program in any institution accredited as a Center of Excellence or Center of Development by the Commission on Higher Education. Alternatively, the institution can also be a Level III school as rated by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines.


Before you take the examination, there are some requirements and qualifications you need to meet. Not everyone is eligible for DOST scholarship. Do you want to know if you are qualified? Check the details below:

  1. You must be naturally born Filipino citizen.
  2. The applicant economic status should not exceed the set values for DOST scholarship.
  3. The student should:
  • be one of the top 5% of their regular class.
  • be one of the members of DOST-SEI or one of the students in DepEd Science High School
  1. The applicant should be residing in the municipality for four (4) years.
  2. Your health and moral characters are in good status.
  3. The applicant is one of the qualifiers in the Science and Technology Scholarship Examination.


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Scholarship Privileges

- Monthly Living Allowance (P 7, 000 month)

- Tuition and Other school fees (P40,000 per Academic Year)

- Book Allowance


- MS/PE uniform for 1st Semester of First Year only (P1,000)

- Transportation Allowance

- Summer Allowance

a. Tuition & other school fees (P1,500)

b. Book Allowance of P500 (to submit O.R)

c. Monthly Allowance (2 months)

- Graduation Clothing Allowance (P1,000)


the following are disqualified for the scholarship:

  • You had an examination with DOST-SEI Scholarship before.
  • You applied in the USA or foreign countries for immigrant status.
  • If you earned units in an undergraduate or post-secondary post.

To be able to get the scholarship, the applicant should enter state universities or colleges, network institutions recognized by DOST-SEI, and Centers of Excellence or Centers of Development by CHED identified tertiary institutions. You must make sure that you passed the entrance examination for the institution or Universities you have applied to.

DOST Scholarship Requirements

Here are the other requirements once you are awarded a DOST scholarship:

  1. The DOST scholar should follow all the rules and regulations or agreement with the scholarship including the parents or guardian of the scholar.
  2. After being a scholar of DOST, you must clear your name from DOST-SEI to be sent to the government agency.
  3. As a scholarship awardee, you must maintain your grade to stay as a DOST scholar.
  4. After graduation, you have the responsibility to serve the country in years the same as the years you were a scholar in DOST.

Examination Schedule

The application for the 2020 DOST-SEI Undergraduate S&T Scholarships will start on June 3, 2019 until September 6, 2019. The date of examination is on October 20, 2019.

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