Discretionary Fund

    Awards from the Discretionary Fund are usually made to assist eligible students with general living and accommodation costs and with essential course costs. Assistance cannot be given towards tuition fees.

    The Discretionary Fund is not a primary source of income and applicants are expected to have exhausted all other sources of finance available to them before applying. Matriculated students can apply to the Discretionary Fund at any time of the academic year, and it is possible to apply more than once in any academic year if necessary. Applicants must already be a matriculated student at Edinburgh Napier University to be eligible to apply.


    Full time undergraduate students (except those on nursing, midwifery and social care courses funded by a non-means tested bursary) who are registered as ‘home’ students (i.e. whose normal residence is in the UK) and have applied for the maximum student loan available to them, via a UK Funding Authority, are eligible to apply to the Discretionary Fund.

    Postgraduate students who are registered as ‘home’ (i.e. meet the SAAS residence criteria – www.saas.gov.uk and normally live in the UK) can apply if in financial difficulty, including for help towards the cost of registered childcare if necessary, to enable them to attend their course. Some postgraduate students may be eligible to apply to the University Childcare Fund for help with childcare costs.

    Part-time students who meet the SAAS residence criteria and are studying a course as part of a degree programme are eligible to apply to the Discretionary Fund. Part time students who have children and need to use registered childcare to enable them to attend classes may be eligible to apply for financial help from the Discretionary Fund towards these costs.

    Eligibility Overview

    You ARE eligible to apply to Edinburgh Napier University’s Discretionary Fund if:

    • you are a UK student, or are from another country and satisfy the SAAS residence conditions to be treated in the same way as a UK student for student funding purposes (i.e. for student loan/bursary for living costs) and
    • you are a UK full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student or a part-time student attending the University as part of a degree programme and
    • you have explored all other funding options open to you, including the maximum overdraft available to you on a student bank account.

    You are NOT eligible to apply if:

    • You are a nursing student in receipt of a non means-tested NHS bursary;
    • You are a student from an EU country only eligible for Tuition Fee assistance from SAAS;
    • You are an international student;
    • You have not taken out or applied for the maximum student loan to which you are entitled.

    Applications are means tested, and you can apply at any time during the academic year.


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    Awards from this Fund can be granted to assist with general living, accommodation, travel and course costs.

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