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Dealer Auto Glass Scholarship

Dealer Auto Glass is located in Phoenix, Arizona and understands the importance of students pursuing further education.

We play an active role in the community and are pleased to announce the Dealer Auto Glass Scholarship Award. It is our hopes that this award can assist ambitious individuals in chasing their dream of continued education in the United States.

One Scholarship is available each year and this is a recurring yearly scholarship.


To be eligible for the Dealer Auto Glass Scholarship Award, the applicant must be attending an accredited College or University in the United States during the next fall semester or quarter.

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$500 towards their education


• Write an article of 1000+ words on the following question.What would be your main strategy to market an auto glass repair business online?• Post your article to your blog - This can be your student blog on your College/University website or your own website.• Your article needs to contain a minimum of 2 links to authoritative sources relative to online marketing.• 1 link minimum in your article needs to go to www.DealerAutoGlassAZ.net.• Post your article to your blog and then fill out the form on our scholarship page.• If you have any questions, please email chad@dealerautoglassaz.com.

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