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Every year Studienwerk supports 200 doctoral students of all types of subjects with scholarships and a comprehensive range of educational programmes. The scholarships are awarded in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research: here the students' own earnings and personal living situation are the decisive criteria.

There are two application deadlines per year (1st December and 1st June). Please submit the following documents for your application for a doctoral scholarship:

Application documents

Personnel record [ PDF | 1 page | 23 KB ], please do not send a photo. Two references from professors or university lecturers with doctor titles, one of which must be written by your academic supervisor (you can download information on the criteria for references here [ PDF | 1 page | 50 KB ]). Outline, concept and timeline of the thesis (max. 15 pages plus bibliography). One tabular CV and one detailed CV (essay), both signed (max. 2 pages each), please do not enclose a photo. Copies of your leaving certificates (A-level, bachelor, master, diploma, etc.) with individual grades (if cited) and overall grades. Proof of admission to a doctoral programme. Informal statement for non-Protestant applicants (please explain your interest in Evangelisches Studienwerk and your thoughts on religion and the church). Formal statement if you expect to complete your PhD abroad.


The following formal requirements apply for the application:

  • Membership in a Protestant church (exceptions in justified cases).
  • Completion of first university degree in a short period of time.
  • Above-average performances in studies and examinations (final grades at least »good«, in law »fully satisfactory«).
  • Qualification which entitles doctoral studies.
  • Foreign students may apply if they have been admitted to a doctoral programm at a university in the Federal Republic of Germany.


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Currently the complete scholarship amounts to 1150 Euros per month. In addition doctoral students receive a fixed sum of 100 euros for research. Scholarships are initially granted for one year and upon application extended to a maximum of three years. If children under 12 years of age for whom a person receiving a scholarship or a doctoral scholarship is responsible and for whom they have custody live in the student's own household, the student shall be entitled to a childcare allowance and support for a parental year.

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