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Cozzy.org Customer Support Scholarship 2017

The Cozzy team is excited to offer a $2,500 scholarship to one winner. The scholarship is available to any undergraduate and postgraduate college student. 


If you are enrolled or will be enrolled in a college, university, or trade school, you may apply for this scholarship.

Test your English

Prepare for your study by taking the most popular and most accepted English language proficiency test. Schedule an IELTS test


The $2,500 scholarship grant can be used toward course materials, books, and other educational resources.


Submit an essay on the following topic (at least 1,000 words).

The future of the commerce. How the internet will change the consumption in 10 years?

After you’ve completed the essay, send it as an attachment to finaid@cozzy.org. Your article can be submitted as a PDF (preferred) or a Word Doc.

Your full name, telephone number, and mailing addressThe name of your academic institution (If you have been accepted to a school but haven’t started classes yet, include the name of the school you will be attending.)Proof of enrollmentYour area of studyApplicants should also provide a link to their Facebook profile. (Optional)

By submitting your essay to Cozzy, you grant us permission to use your content on our website for marketing and promotional purposes.

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