Copernicus Scholarship with Work Placement

    Its aim is to support Eastern European and Central Asian students in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.
    The association offers 12 to 20 students from Eastern Europe and Central Asia the opportunity to study at 1 of the 3 higher education institutions for 1 semester, followed by completion of a 2- to 3-month internship.
    This internship is mandatory. Eligible to apply are students in the disciplines of law, all fields of economics, political science, humanities and social sciences (e.g. journalism, history, sociology). COPERNICUS covers living expenses during the study visit, i.e. costs for accommodation, food, health insurance, enrolment and public transport.
    It additionally provides monthly pocket money, and the association also funds the most economical travel to Germany and back plus any visa charges that arise. Students are either accommodated with guest families or in student halls of residence.


    Target Group
    Students in the following subject areas can generally apply:
    • Law/Jurisprudence

    • Political Science/International Relations

    • Economic Sciences

    • Humanities and Social Sciences

    • Architecture - as part of the special Hamburg programme "Architecture for students of the University of Cluj (Klausenburg) in Rumania"

    • Law and natural sciences - in the context of the Special Programme for Poland Polish students

    Academic Requirements
    An application by students of information technology is not possible.
    Apply Only students who have studied at least three semesters at the time of starting their scholarship.
    Post-graduate and doctoral students (students who have already taken the exam as a master), we unfortunately can not promote. Exceptions are impossible. Who a Bachelor (BA), made in Germany is not considered postgraduate and can apply to us. However, applicants must be enrolled at the time of the stay abroad as a student in her home country.
    If you want to apply, you need good to very good proven knowledge of German. Meaning the levels B2 and C1.
    You can not apply to you if you have you stopped for some time (a total of more than 4 months) in Germany.
    Can show Unpaid volunteering. The idea is that you have helped others, or have done something for the common good. Alternatively, is also a paid job, for example when it was necessary to study, or the family should be supported.
    Your studies may terminate 6 months after the end of the scholarship.
    Of our candidates, we also expect that ...
    ... they have a vested interest in studying in Germany.
    ... they understand life in a host family as an opportunity.
    ... they are willing to help shape that Copernicus program locally.


    Do you wish to become an international student next year?
    Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


    COPERNICUS covers the necessary living expenses for scholarship holders during the scholarship period, i.e. the costs of accommodation, food, health insurance, enrolment and public transport. Monthly pocket money is also paid (currently approx. 220.00 EUR). COPERNICUS additionally finances the most economical travel to Germany and back plus any visa charges that arise.

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