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Complete List Of Scholarships For Pakistani And International Students 2018

Scholarship Network is one of the biggest productive group (non-profit), which has been made to help Pakistani students about their higher education counseling. We provide every type of educational guidance for primary school level to post-doc education and all details of admission processes and scholarships in national and international institutes. The group receives volunteer contribution of great Pakistani intellectuals all around the globe, and provides the channel between them and the incoming students, so that the students could directly benefit from the guidance of highly talented Pakistani scholars who are working at national and international organizations/universities/colleges. Thus, the main aim is to share experiences from present and past scholars and to provide incoming students a platform to discuss their all kind of educational queries regarding applications/admissions procedures and scholarships.


Grade Based ScholarshipsNeed Based ScholarshipsExcellence Awards

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Full Tuition Fee WaiverPartial ScholarshipsFunded Projects


Good Grades,Good overall extra curricular activities profile, Letter of recommendations, Good CV and projects, Good letter of motivation, Good ielts score.

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