Clinical Placement Grant

  • Master, Bachelor
  • EU/EER countries: €450;non-EU/EER countries: €600
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Radboud University supports clinical placements abroad with a financial contribution from the Profiling Fund. The grant is intended to compensate the extra expenses involved in a clinical placement abroad, such as tickets, visum, accommodation rental and vaccinations.

Radboud University
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Radboud University

Radboud University is a state funded Roman Catholic university with a strong focus on research located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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  • You are registered as a full-time student at Radboud University.
  • Your clinical placement will last at least 4 weeks (consecutively).
  • Your clinical placement will take place abroad.
  • You have approval from the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
  • You will be earning course credits.
  • In your current study period, you have not already received an Individual Travel Grant for an extended stay, a grant for a clinical placement or a Holland Scholarship grant.
  • You will be leaving in more than 2 weeks.

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Stay in EU/EER countries: €150 per 4 weeks, maximum for the whole period is €450 (12 weeks).Stay in non-EU/EER countries: €200 per 4 weeks, maximum for the whole period is €600 (12 weeks).When the grant is provisionally awarded, an advance of 75% of the total amount will be transferred to your bank account within roughly 4 weeks. You will receive the remainder after your stay abroad has ended, as soon as you have submitted the last documents and met all conditions. If you don't meet all the conditions, you will have to repay the advance.


Start your application for a stay abroad through your Osiris account. As soon as your faculty’s International Office has provisionally approved your application, you will automatically receive an email with further instructions for your grant application.

There is a link to a web form in the email with additional information about the grant application. Fill in the web form fully, and click on 'Submit'.

Roughly one working day after you have submitted the web form, we will send you an email containing the Grant Agreement and the Learning Agreement (for internship and study) and the Letter of Approval. You should then send the following documents via email no later than two weeks before your exchange is due to start:

The Grant Agreement, signed by you.

A Letter of Approval, filled in and signed by your study advisor at Radboud University or the International Office of RadboudUMC, indicating the relevance of the project to your study.

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