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The CES Doctoral Programme comprises a combination of research, teaching, doctoral course work and administrative responsibilities.
Doctoral students at CES are free to decide on a research area of their interest, and are encouraged to attend international conferences, publish in refereed journals and in a variety of ifo publication outlets. They are expected to fulfil a variety of teaching responsibilities. These typically comprise holding tutorials for undergraduate- or masters-level courses, seminar and Master’s thesis supervision, and being available to answer students’ questions during office hours. Doctoral students are free to choose which courses to take within the context of the graduate curriculum. Furthermore, they are expected to actively participate in both CES and economics faculty seminars. Once a semester, they will present their own research work during the CES lunchtime seminar. CESifo – the umbrella organisation for a world-wide research network of economists – offers doctoral students the unique opportunity to interact with internationally renowned economists through participation in numerous CESifo conferences held in Munich year-round. CES also has a rich visitor programme. At any given time there are up to 3 professors visiting CES for several weeks, from various academic institutions and covering a wide variety of economic disciplines. This lends doctoral students a unique opportunity for personal interaction with these guests, allowing for in-depth academic discussions. The ifo Institute’s lunchtime opens a window into applied research.


The doctoral candidate will have completed his or her diploma with a strong transcript, will be fluent in English, and will have the ability to undertake independent research. An ability and enthusiasm for interacting with guest professors and supervision of students is also anticipated.


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Doctoral students at CES are given a German public sector BAT IIa contract which entails a 4-hour weekly teaching obligation (elevated by law to 5 hours from October, 2005.) Contracts are for a fixed time period and can be extended to a maximum of 6 years. Dissertations are expected to be completed within this timeframe.
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