Casino-Related And Internet Marketing Scholarship

  • Master, Bachelor
  • $500
  • 15 January 2021 is extremely interested in finding genius math students for developing the strategies of using mathematical model(s) to explain the winning probability in American, French, and European roulettes! There’s no exact information when an efficient approach may occur to beat the casinos when playing these games! So each candidate can participate and gain the best scholarship for the innovative approach to math models and their application to predict the successful bets in different types of roulettes.

Mind that the scholarship mentioned is accessible for full-time students only studying for Bachelor or Master’s degrees!

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You must:

  1. Be over 18 y.o.
  2. Be a Bachelor/Master’s degree full-time student
  3. Have knowledge/expertise in math models
  4. Be aware of the roulette types and their mechanics
  5. Ensure you provide a unique approach to forecasting the successful bets in roulettes using math models.


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Let your knowledge work! Get a $500 Scholarship for being smart, unique, and effective! We’re open to the most creative, insane and provocative ideas on how to predict the winning chances when playing online roulettes—American, French, and European ones.


What the task is like:

  • Be sure to analyze the roulette types mentioned (American, French, and European) using math models
  • Use math model(s) to explain the optimal winning probability in each of the games (to explain and compare the winning probabilities in each of the roulette types separately using the math model(s) and visuals (charts, graphs, etc.))
  • Use headings to separate the sections of the text
  • Be concise and avoid being vague
  • Showcase the real application of your idea(s)
  • (Optional) Add up any media files you think appropriate/necessary.

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