Cambridge Trusts

    The Trusts offer scholarships to students from outside the EU who are starting new courses at the University of Cambridge. Full information on eligibility can be found here. The Trusts do not offer funding to students who are part-way through a course of study at Cambridge.

    All applicants must apply to the University of Cambridge in the normal way. If you are an applicant from outside the EU, please look at the key points for undergraduate applicants and key points for postgraduate applicants.

    (If you are an applicant from the UK or EU, see separate information for undergraduates and postgraduates)

    Select your citizenship below to see a list of scholarships for which you are eligible. The list is in two sections:

    • scholarships for which you must apply separately, in addition to applying to the University of Cambridge. These will include a link to the application website. The Trusts expect eligible students in search of funding to apply for all relevant scholarships.
    • scholarships for which you can be considered simply by providing a statement to us. If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you will be invited to apply for scholarships AFTER you are offered a place at Cambridge. If you are applying for a postgraduate course and wish to be considered for scholarships, you will need to complete Section B of the GRADSAF. This asks for a Personal Statement, which should include mention of any scholarships you wish to be considered, how you meet any specific requirements of those scholarships, and evidenced information about your financial circumstances.


    These are guidelines on eligibility for scholarships that are available from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust:


    All students, irrespective of nationality, who are required to pay University fees at the EU or Overseas rate are eligible to be considered for funding by the Trust.


    The Trust does not accept applications from students who are part-way through a course at Cambridge, unless they are applying for funding towards a higher degree course following graduation.

    To find out more about your fee status, see information on the University's web pages for undergraduates and for postgraduates.

    Degree level

    Applicants must be intending to start a course at the level of undergraduate (excluding EU applicants), Masters (such as MPhil, MASt, LLM), or research postgraduate (such as PhD).

    Please note that the Trust does not offer many scholarships to students on undergraduate courses, and has many more scholarship programmes available to postgraduate students. Approximately 85% of the scholarships awarded each year are to students taking Masters or PhD degrees.

    The Trust will not normally support students at a degree level that is the same as, or lower than, a degree they already hold, with two exceptions - we will consider an application from a student who is required to take a second Masters degree at Cambridge in order to gain admission to the PhD here, or from an international (non-EU) student who is proposing to study as an affiliated student at Cambridge for a second BA degree.

    The Trust does not have scholarships available for post-doctoral positions, or for visiting or exchange students.

    The Trust does not have scholarships available for part-time postgraduate degrees, and part-time undergraduate study is not available at the University of Cambridge.


    Applicants may study any subject currently available at the University.


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