BHF 4 year PhD studentships

    Research within the Institute has been integrated into substantial, interlinked, well-resourced thematic programmes that build on the strengths of individual, clinical and non-clinical principal investigators. Each academic has a primary affiliation to one of the 5 research themes listed below; many have secondary affiliations to additional themes.
    • Vascular Pathophysiology and Therapy
    • Heart Research
    • Diabetes, Renal, Endocrine and Metabolic Medicine
    • Genetics, Genomics and Systems Medicine
    • Clinical Trials and Implementation
    Each of these research themes contain strategically linked groups of leading, internationally-respected researchers, the themes are forums for research, training and mentoring of all staff categories. Research links exist between staff in the cardiovascular groups and those in other Institutes within the College, particularly:
    • Institute of Health and Wellbeing
    • Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
    • Institute of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
    • Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology
    Members of the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences (ICAMS) have research links with academics outside of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences; of specific relevance are links with groups in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering that may provide further depth and breadth in training.
    The supervisory staff represent a broad range of cardiovascular research expertise and work in several major categories of basic research with international collaborations and activities at international level involving societies and meetings, the following list indicates the major categories of research covered by our supervisory team.
    • Vascular and Myocardial Biology, Signalling and Disease Pathogenesis
    • Gene and Stem Cell Therapies for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
    • Cerebrovascular Disease
    • Cardiac Arrhythmias and Cardiac Function Studies
    • Cardiac and Vascular Regeneration
    • Metabolic Syndrome, Inflammation and Health
    • Mathematical Modelling
    This scheme starts with an intensive first year of training in research techniques and theory, and three research placements, prior to a 3-year PhD research project. Each year, five fully funded scholarships are awarded to outstanding students with a strong scientific background.


    Your initial application will be for Year 1 - MRes in TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE.
    Also please note the BHF Entry requirements below to ensure you meet the criteria:
    • Awarded or expected 1st class or high upper 2nd class BSc degree.
    • Candidates for UK based personal awards (e.g. fellowships and PhD studentships) should normally be a national of the EEA (European Economic Area) with relevant connection to the EEA. Relevant connection would be established if an individual has (i) been ordinarily resident in the EEA, and (ii) has an appropriate degree from a university in the EEA, or has worked in a university, hospital or research institution in the EEA for at least the past three years, or did so before taking up an appointment outside the EEA.
    • Candidates who are not EEA nationals may be eligible to apply if the individual has worked in a university (providing it is not for the sole purpose of full-time education), hospital or research institution in the UK for at least three years, prior to the date of application."
    Your initial application will be for the Year 1, MRes in Translational Medicine. You must ensure that you make the following selections from the drop down menus -
    (1)Academic Career - Postgraduate Taught(2)Admit Term - 2015-16(3)Mode of Study - Full time(4)Programme of Study - MRes In Translational Medicine (search facility - please take care to select this correctly and not any other MRes course)
    Applications for this course will be processed for the fully funded BHF 4 year PhD Studentship programme which awards an MRes after successful completion of the first year, and a PhD after successful completion of the programme.


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