Becas Magdalena O. Vda. De Brockmann

    The scholarships are granted to Mexicans who want to undertake a Masters of quality in a recognized university abroad.

    Field of study: Architecture and town planning, Arts and Humanities, Business administration and management, Communication, Education and Teacher Training, Engineering, Environmental Science, Law, Mathematics and computer science, Natural sciences, Service, Tourism and Leisure, Social and behavioural sciences, Transport and communications


    The scholarships are partial or complementary and cover only the first year of study. These are awarded based on need and merit, to Mexican, preferably single, professionals graduates with a minimum GPA of 8.5 and have at least two years of full time work experience.

    Eligible candidates: Mexican students that want to study a postgraduate programme. There are specific scholarships available for students from the state of Jalisco.

    General requirements:

    • Age limit: 30 years old
    • Average grade: 8.5 or higher
    • At least 2 years of relevant working experience
    • Able to show the necessity of a scholarship
    • Agree to return to Mexico after successfully completing the Master’s degree programme.
    • TOEFL IBT 85

    Also, a good candidate is to be prepared ahead of time, universities researching their options carefully, both for the quality of the academic program as cost-benefit offered, to ensure obtaining a scholarship and income to one or more quality universities.This involves:

    1. Leverage offer tuition reduction and agreements that the Foundation has established with universities and / or institutions
    2. Having considerable savings
    3. Having a written job offer for once the master, albeit conditional, and preferably of an entity that financially support the study of expertise.
    4. Having financial support or be in the process of requesting funds from other institutions, whether foundations, government offices, companies or other entities that provide scholarships ( provide a list here ).
    5. Having a well-developed financial plan and documented, based on realistic figures
    6. Having college options low-cost or subsidized programs as backup
    7. Having a letter of admission to one or more universities, which can be deferred last year.

    Preference is given to people who demonstrate they have obtained or are in the process of obtaining financial aid a company, a university or other institutions, especially if it includes a job upon return. There is also the possibility that the employer may offer co-sponsor of a master's degree candidate, in which case you would get a tax deductible receipt for the amount of co-sponsorship issued by MOB Scholarships.

    We believe that young people selected demonstrably committed, motivated and excellent preparation, are the most benefit obtained from his studies and hence greater benefit will be paid at Mexico.

    Therefore, the IDEAL CANDIDATE must show:

    • Initiative
    • Endeavor
    • Competitiveness
    • Solidarity
    • Responsibility
    • A life plan with clear objectives aimed not only at their own welfare but also the community
    • Social commitment shown in his record of service to the community, the impact projected aims to have on his return to Mexico
    • Adequate preparation to assume positions of leadership in a highly competitive world


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    Depends on each individual case. Ma. $ 25,000
    Grant award period: Max. 1 year grant.

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