BeBetter Foundation

  • Bachelor
  • 100% tuition fees, grant and allowances
  • 31 December 2022

  1. BeBetter Foundation was started by Mr Nicky Tan to unearth gifted underprivileged children who will advance Singapore and help others.
  2. From humble beginnings, Mr Tan moved to Singapore in the 1980s. Through the opportunities that Singapore provided, and a healthy dose of good fortune, he was able to set up BeBetter Foundation.
  3. The BeBetter Foundation was set up to honour Mr Tan Kok Wah and Madam Ho Tee Min, his late parents, and to enable others from humble backgrounds to achieve extraordinary things.


  1. Be well-rounded. With interests outside of the classroom in the arts, sports, technology or other pursuits.
  2. Demonstrate a clear sense of vision and purpose. Know where they want to be and what skills they will need to get there.
  3. Be willing to give back to Singapore and to share their future success with students like them.
  4. Applications are open to all. Regardless of age, nationality, gender or religion.
  5. There will be no favouritism. Though we may be biased towards candidates who are interesting, compassionate, creative and colourful.
  6. Applicants may apply for admission to any full-time undergraduate degree programme at any reputable university worldwide.


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  1. Full tuition fees and other academic charges approved by the Foundation
  2. Maintenance and other allowances e.g. course materials, laptop, hostel fees, airfares (if applicable)
  3. Grant for overseas learning opportunities e.g. Overseas community service project, overseas student exchange/summer program, overseas school study missions (if applicable)


  1. Applicants will need to Upload a clip of you answering the following questions to You can make the clip as creative or as formal as you like. If you prefer to email you can, just make it impressive

i.    Where would you like to be in the next 5 years? How about 10 years? What about 20?

ii.    What would you most like to fix about the world?

iii.    What’s the thing you’re most passionate about?

iv.    If you could govern Singapore for a month, what would you do?

v.    What makes you a BeBetter Scholar?

  1. Applications are open all-year round, with an annual selection process in June every year. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll hear back from us by the 1st week of July. For further queries or clarifications, please email us at
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