Bath Spa University International Outstanding Scholarships in the UK

  • Master
  • £3,000 off tuition fees
  • 30 June 2019

Take your next steps towards your career by joining the International Outstanding Scholarships program at the Bath Spa University in the UK.
The fund is established for providing financial support to those eligible candidates who want to study the master’s degree program at the university for session 2019-2020.
Bath Spa University is the UK’s sixth biggest provider of Teacher Education. As the leading educational institution in creativity, culture, and enterprise, it has high quality physical and digital resources are used by students to enhance learning.
Why at Bath Spa University? At this university, candidates can get help with everything careers related, including starting a business, part-time employment, volunteering, and placements. It provides students with opportunities for practical learning, valuable connections with industry leaders.


Before applying for a postgraduate degree at the university, seekers need to meet the entry requirements. As an international student, you’ll need an English language qualification that’s recognized by the University.
The applicant must be bachelor degree holders who demonstrate high academic excellence by gaining the equivalent of a UK bachelor degree with 60 out of 100 marks or 55 out of 100 marks.


Do you wish to become an international student next year?
Demonstrate your English skills with IELTS.


If you want to take part in this program, then you are required to take admission to the master’s degree coursework at the university. After taking affirmation, aspirants can submit the online award application form.
Up to four grants are awarded worth up to £3,000 off tuition fees and three are awarded worth up to £2,000 off tuition fees.


Advice on filling out the International Scholarship application form
  • Please complete all the details, including your name, contact details, student number and qualifications. Applications with missing details will be automatically rejected.
  • If you are awaiting your final results, you are still able to apply. Please state 'pending results' in the qualification section. You must submit your results when they are available.
  • The scholarship essay question is very important. To answer this question you should include details that cover all the criteria:
Academic achievement/results Involvement in activities at your previous university, community work and your contribution to society Charity/volunteer work you've done Information on your future aspirations Examples on how you'll contribute to the social and economic development of your country.
  • You should also give examples on how you intend to become involved in university life at Bath Spa.

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