Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies (BECES), Charles University

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Balkan, Eurasian and Central European Studies (BECES) is a two-year English-language Master's degree programme, which focuses on modern history, politics and diplomacy, as well as to fundamental social, cultural and economic problems.
The programme is taught at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, by members of the Institute of International Studies.


Bachelor's degree. The Master's degree programmes are open only to applicants who have already completed (or are about to complete) a Bachelor's degree in a related programme of study or at least a combination of related programmes with other study tracks. Please see our Programme Specific Requirements page for more details.
It is not necessary for students to have obtained their Bachelor's degree from Charles University in Prague, or any university in the Czech Republic. However, students who have earned their Bachelor's degree abroad should note that, under current rules on the recognition of foreign diplomas, it will be necessary for them to obtain an official document to say that their Bachelor's degree is recognised in the Czech Republic (so-called "nostrifikace").
In theory, the recognition process should be completed by students before they register for their first day of classes in September. In practice this is impossible. We will therefore register all successful applicants provisionally for the first semester, while they work on their papers and while we wait for the legal situation to clarify. Please note, however, that this does not mean students will not be required to get their degree recognised at all. At some point all students will have to go through with it.
English-language ability. The programmes require a sufficient knowledge of the English language to attend classes, write papers and be capable of reading Master level textbook without difficulties (i.e. at least B2 level). 
Mathematical ability. A sufficient background in mathematics and statistics is required for the CFS, IEPS and MEF programme. Please see our Programme Specific Requirements page for more details.


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Tuition fees. The tuition fee for the CFS, GPS, IEPS, MISS, MEF, PSP and TS programmes is ‚ā¨6,000 per year, for the BECES programme it is ‚ā¨7,800 per year, for the CECS programmes it is ‚ā¨6,800 per year, fee for the ES programme it is ‚ā¨7,000 per year. The EU fee (incl EEA-EFTA) for the IMESS programme is ‚ā¨9,000 per year, the fee for students from outside of the EU (incl EEA-EFTA) is ‚ā¨15,500 per year.
There is no application fee. 
Scholarships for students from developing and transition countries. Thanks to a generous contribution from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Faculty of Social Sciences is able to offer a limited number of partial scholarships for students of English-language degree programmes. The scholarships are earmarked for students from developing countries and/or countries going through a process of political and economic transition. 
Financial aid. Students with permanent address in the Czech ¬†Republic have an access to loans up to ‚ā¨11,500.

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