Avis Rasmussen Award

  • Master, Phd
  • TBD

One or more awards are given to mature graduate students (students who have been out of school for four years) in the Department of Visual Arts who focus on painting, drawing or print-making.


• To qualify for any graduate scholarships you must be unconditionally admitted to a master's or doctoral degree program and be registered in enough units in your graduate degree program. • UVic Graduate Awards of up to $10,000 per academic year require a minimum GPA of 6.0/9.0 or higher (as of 2022-2023) and a minimum of 1.50 units per term. • Graduate Awards allow for part time registration in a minimum of 1.5 units each term. • Graduate donor awards, those funded by private donors, require full time registration in a minimum of 3.0 units unless the specific terms of the scholarship indicate that it may be issued to a part time student, or a student who has completed their graduate program. See the list of all donor awards and their terms. • Graduate students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) are considered to be full time when registered in 1.5 units, and are eligible to be considered for all UVic graduate scholarships when registered in 1.5 or more units. Students must identify themselves to FGS and send a copy of their CAL letter to scholoff@uvic.ca. • To maintain eligibility and avoid delays in scholarship payments, register at least two-to-three weeks, or more, in advance of each term in the required number of units. • For graduate students, preference is for entering students. If there are no graduate students who are eligible then one or more awards are given to undergraduate students aged 23 or over in the Department of Visual Arts with a focus on painting, drawing or print-making.

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