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AUN understands what is involved in attaining a globally respected, private university degree and that such an investment may require outside financial support. AUN’s Financial Aid Program is designed to assist qualified students who may not have all the financial resources to attend a place such as AUN. We believe that financial considerations should not be barriers to quality education for students who meet our academic criteria.
Every year AUN provides scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to close to 15% of the student body. AUN also collaborates with other non-profit organizations dedicated to helping students with financial need. They include: the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, the Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation, and the Friends of Nigeria. His Excellency Atiku Abubakar provides significant scholarship support to AUN students. Thanks to this impressive financial aid program, hundreds of young people such as Queen Sabo Odeh, Mustafa J. Gidado, Obiorah Hephzber, Victor Ynyang and Mohammad Njiemoun have been able to attain their academic dreams.
How to Proceed

New students need to seek financial aid simultaneously with the admission process. The application for financial aid and supporting documentation will in no way affect the admissions decision. Please note: A student must first be accepted by AUN before receiving a University scholarship. All scholarships are awarded at time of admission.


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