Ageing and regenerative medicine in 21st century literature and film - PhD Scholarship, Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Phd
  • Partially Funded
  • 31 January 2017

Manchester Metropolitan University was awarded university status in 1992 and is part of the largest higher education campus in the UK and one of the most extensive education centres in Europe. With a history dating back 150 years, we have a combination of the traditional and the contemporary that sets the University apart and gives us our distinct character.
This project investigates the representation ageing and the possibilities of regeneration and rejuvenation in twenty-first century literature and film.  Exploring the ‘entanglement’ of science, culture and the imagination in the promises of biomedical research to extend longevity and to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs, the project considers the distinctive contribution of literary and cinematic texts to our understanding of the ethical and ideological dimensions of medical regeneration.


Applicants must have:
  • A high upper second or first class undergraduate degree in an Arts/Humanities discipline and they should have or be completing Masters level study in any one of the following fields: literary, film or media studies, critical and cultural theory, philosophy,  medical humanities, medical anthropology or sociology of culture.


Applicants require the following skills:
  • High level skills in the stylistic/critical analysis of narrative fiction, literary genres, language and literary/ narrative discourse.
  • The ability to engage confidently with theoretical and scientific/medical literature, including current philosophical and bioethical debates around personhood and regenerative medicine.
  • The ability to develop and conduct an independent research project

  •  Experience of transdisciplinary research and/or work at the interface of the arts/humanities and science/medicine is desirable.


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