Accommodation Bursary

  • Bachelor
  • CZK 600 per month

Applications for the accommodation bursary are submitted electronically at the beginning of the academic year and the bursary is paid retroactively on several dates (usually four times a year: in January, April, July, and October). If you forget to apply, you can do so during the year, but only for a future period (you cannot apply for a payment for a period that has already commenced or even elapsed).

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University has set the following rules for applicants:

  • They must be students enrolled on a full-time programme;
  • Their studies are not interrupted;
  • They are not private payers studying in a foreign language;
  • Their history includes not more than two unsuccessful study attempts (i.e. completed other than properly);
  • They have not exceeded the standard period of study plus one year in any of the programmes they may be studying concurrently;
  • Where the basic accommodation bursary is involved, they are not studying in the district of instruction where their permanent residence is located, or they do not study in Prague if this is their place of permanent residence.

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An accommodation bursary is paid in three different amounts depending on the student’s social status. The basic amount is approximately CZK 600 per month. The exact amount varies slightly from year to year depending on the current budget and the number of applicants.


Students need to apply for an accommodation bursary through the University website (; login is the same as with the SIS).