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    The „ABSOLVENTA Scholarship“ is a scholarship initiated by the non-profit association Absolventa e.V. It provides all students with the chance to receive a scholarship – regardless of grades, social background or political orientation. The scholarship must support a special educational purpose. The funding is limited to the project costs and covers the maximal amount of 3.000 EUR.

    The special thing about the ABSOLVENTA Scholarship: The internet community decides who gets the scholarship. Once all applicants have officially applied for their individual ABSOLVENTA Scholarship all facebook users are able to vote democratically by using the Facebook „like“ button. The total amount of funds from our sponsors will be split among the students with the most votes. Hence, good ideas and a creative application are key to sucess!


    Eligible for the ABSOLVENTA Scholarship are male and female students of all fields of study enrolled in a university or school of applied sciences within Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

    PhD students are also allowed to participate. There is no age limit. The most important condition is to you name a specific reason why you should earn the scholarship. We only fund specific projects that are in some way related to your university studies. Therefore, the requested amount of money should only be used for items that are related to the specific project, as for example the costs for vaccination, visa and flight for a semester abroad, material for a research project or camera equipment and cutting software for a movie project.

    We accept group applications (max. 5 people) if all of its members are working on the same project (e.g. final thesis, research project). Again, the requested amount of money has to be related to a certain project and must not exceed the amount of 3.000 EUR.

    Is there a checklist with all the entrance requirements?

    Yes, here it is.

    • Enrolled at a university in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland

    • Specific project that is related to university studies

    • Max. amount of funding: 3.000 EUR

    • Groups of max. 5 people

    • Completed application form

    Please note: We do not pay for:

    • Cost of living (food, accommodation, clothing, entertainment)

    • Expenses that are NOT related to a specific project


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    The maximum amount per scholarship is 3.000 EUR. You decide the amount of money you apply for. You need to list the expenses for your project clearly: The individual expenses have to be directly related to your project. The requested amount has to correlate with your project expenses, otherwise your application cannot be considered. An excursion to the Himalayas might easily cost several thousand Euros, but the printing costs of a final thesis should not be more than several hundred Euros.

    That way ABSOLVENTA ensures an individual funding from 1 to 3.000 EUR. The total amount is split between all winners, providing all people with the requested amount. Hence, the lower tfhe required individual funding, the more applicants are funded and receive a scholarship – so please be fair.

    As experience has shown the chances of winning the scholarship get better if you do not simply name the highest possible amount, but an amount that is reasonable, justified and correlates with your project’s complexity.

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