AAB College scholarships for high school graduates

  • Bachelor
  • 100% tuition fee for first year of studies
  • 2 October 2020

AAB College is offering 100 scholarships for 1 full academic year to all interested high school students who have yet to decide where and if they want to continue their studies.

The study programs in which scholarships are offered during this registration period are:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Architecture
  3. Banking, finance and accounting
  4. Marketing and business administration
  5. Management and informatics
  6. English language
  7. Law
  8. Mass communication and journalism
  9. Mass communication and production
  10. Choreography
  11. Physical culture and sports
  12. Musicology
  13. Child care and welfare
  14. Painting and visual arts
  15. Psychology
  16. Cyber security
  17. Computer sciences
Kolegji AAB
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Kolegji AAB

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All high school graduates from Kosovo who have successfully completed the Matura Exam and have not yet decided where they want to study, are eligible for this scholarship.

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Applicants that receive the scholarship will have their first year of Bachelor's studies covered by AAB College in one of the above mentioned programs which ranges from €800 to €1200 for each student, depending on the program.


How to apply?

The application method is simple. AAB College has created a special platform where you can input your data, and then will be contacted for further procedures.

Application link:


When to apply?

The application for the Scholarship Program at AAB College is open from September 19 to October 2, 2020 (24.00)

What is the selection procedure?

After the application period, applicants will be invited to take a basic knowledge test depending on the selected field of application. Candidates will receive a phone message for the testing time, which will be held on 05 October 2020.

The Scholarship Program is another opportunity for all those who are interested in having a credible degree in their hands.

AAB College welcomes all applicants and wishes you all success!

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