90% tuition free for Ukrainian and Palestinian students scholarship MBA

  • Master
  • 90% tuition fee
  • 15 September 2022

Regarding what happens in Ukraine and Palestine, Windsor University offers fully-funded scholarships for some students from Ukraine and Palestine.


  • The minimum latest degree should be a bachelor’s degree or
  • equivalent, 120 credit hours
  • English proficiency level
  • Capability for creating a copywriting for Windsor Website
  • Can attract some students in any way, either in traditional
  • ways or by doing digital marketing
  • Before joining the program:
  • Each student should submit a proof of bachelor’s degree or
  • equivalent an English proficiency level to join the Master’s degree.
  • After joining the program:
  • Each student can gain 20% from the revenue according to each
  • student joining the program during the principal student.


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90% tuition fees.


You only pay non-refundable fees which costs 26$ and then you will go to tuition page and contact us on contact@windsoruniversity.us to give you your coupon to get your 90% discount

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