40 Phd Scholarships to Study in China

PTE Academic test

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World Universities Ramsay Postgraduate Scholarship

The Ramsay Centre

Are you a high-achieving student and leader intent on securing a place in a graduate program overseas? The experience of studying abroad at some of the world’s most coveted academic institutions is an experience like no other. Pau...

PHD, Master

AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation

The AAPG Foundation Grants-in-Aid provides financial assistance to graduate students (currently enrolled in Masters or Ph.D. programs) whose thesis research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy...

PHD, Master
Up to $3,000

“The Hope For Healing” Scholarship

FHE Health

The Hope for Healing Scholarship is an evergreen offering that awards two recipients annually. The purpose of the scholarship, awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate student each year, is to encourage more of America’s best...

PHD, Master, Bachelor

Duolingo English Test

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Zhengzhou University logo

Zhengzhou University Scholarship

Zhengzhou University

There are a number of financial sources available in Zhengzhou University to support international students from all over world to study and research in Zhengzhou University. ZZU offers quite a number of full scholarship and parti...

Full tuition waiver + 3,500 CNY stipend

Anonymous Hope Fund

Anonymous Hope Fund

Over 670,000 personal proposals are submitted every year and all that are legitimate which are about 93% of the submitted total are funded. And about 7,560 legit organizations submit proposals and are funded every year Every year ...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
Value ranges depending on the grant type
University of Science and Technology Beijing logo

Chinese Government Scholarship (Type B)

University of Science and Technology Beijing

The Chinese Government Scholarships application shall not be accepted by any individual or intermediary agency. Applicants should consult the school directly to submit the application. ...

PHD, Master
Tuition fee waiver and other costs.
30 March 2024
Qingdao University logo

Chinese Government Scholarship

Qingdao University

High-level Postgraduate Program**:** All the majors of Masters and Doctoral Courses, Priority given to PhD applicants,5 persons would be recommended. Silk Road: Master of Textile Engineering (English-taught, 10 persons); Master...

PHD, Master
Tuition fee waiver and other costs
19 February 2024
Jiangsu University logo

Longshun Metal Scholarship

Jiangsu University

The "Longshun Metal" Scholarship is designed to stimulate the enthusiasm of overseas students to study in Jiangsu University. It helps students having financial difficulties or those actively contribute to the "Belt...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
Ranges from CNY 5,000 to CNY 30,000
Jiangsu University logo

OEC Scholarship for Social Contributors

Jiangsu University

The Overseas Education College of JSU encourages students to entertain overall-personal development, apart from academic excellence. Students who make special contribution in social and extra-curricular activities will be chosen a...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
500 CNY
Donghua University logo

Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS)

Donghua University

The Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS) is for master’s or doctoral students. ...

PHD, Master
27 February 2024
Donghua University logo

Shanghai Government Scholarship

Donghua University

DHU has been appointed to accept international students with Shanghai Government Scholarship from 2006. ...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
From 2500CNY up to 3500 CNY
30 March 2024
China University of Geosciences logo

China University of Geosciences Chinese Government Scholarship

China University of Geosciences

Chinese Government Scholarship - High Level Postgraduate Programis a full scholarship established by Ministry of Education of China to support Chinese universities to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies...

PHD, Master
Tuition fee waiver
30 January 2024
Wenzhou University logo

Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship

Wenzhou University

International students who apply to study or are studying at Wenzhou University in Zhejiang Province pursuing a bachelor degree, a master degree, a doctoral degree, or as a long-term general scholar. ...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
Up to 30,000 RMB
Xi'an Jiaotong University logo

Chinese University Scholarship Program

Xi'an Jiaotong University

In order to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields with other countries and organizations likeUNESCO, EU, ASEAN University Network, World Meteorological Organization, Pacific Islands Forum et...

PHD, Master
Up to 3,000RMB per month
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China logo

Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Chinese Government Scholarship—Chinese University Program is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding intern...

PHD, Master, Bachelor
Tuition fees and a stipend
29 February 2024

Find University Scholarships and Student Aid in China

Wondering how to get a college scholarship for your phd studies in China? We provide an extensive list of scholarship opportunities for universities in China, including the best national and international scholarships, fellowships, college and university grants, free scholarships, federal funding, and other forms of student financial aid.

You can apply for university scholarships in China including funding for high school seniors, financial aid for college students, graduate school scholarships, postgraduate scholarships, and more, all available in our extensive scholarship database.

Find the right scholarship in China, for a wide variety of academic degrees, including business and management scholarships, engineering scholarships, law school or medical school scholarships, as well as sports, arts, or music scholarships to help pay for your studies abroad.

Scholarships for Your phd Studies in China

Find a detailed list of scholarships for postgraduate programmes, financial aid for PhDs, student fellowships, doctorate grants, and more. Pick a scholarship for your PhD and apply to partially or completely cover your tuition fees for universities, business schools, law schools, medical schools, research institutes, and more.

Check what disciplines, subjects and specialisations are covered by the phd degree scholarships available in China. Select from plenty of college scholarships for studies in business administration, engineering, computer science and IT, law, medicine, chemistry, social sciences and more. The diverse forms of financial aid are provided by universities, graduate schools, international organisations, NGOs, associations, state governments, and more.

Scholarships in China are open to local students as well as international students from Asia and beyond. China is a lovely place to study with an opportunity to learn the local language and explore the ancient Chinese culture. Scholarship opportunities in the country are offered on the basis of merit, country, region and other factors by several universities and partnerships of the Chinese government with other governments. Of course, there are undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in China.

An interesting scholarship is the Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University. This leadership scholarship to study master’s degree in Global affairs is open to all nationalities with a higher quota for US students and local (Chinese) students. The scholarship covers every expense you can imagine plus a whopping $4,000 stipend. For a government scholarship, Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) awards partially-funded and fully-funded CSC scholarships to international students to study in more than 270 Chinese universities affiliated with the council. The CSC also offers MOFCOM scholarships through the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for internationals students whose country have diplomatic relations with China.