National Taiwan University

Scholarships by National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University is a national university located in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Scholarship for Latin America and Caribbean Project

This scolarship is available for students from Latin America and Caraibe. ...

PHD, Master, Bachelor

NTU Loyalty Award for Overseas Degree Students

The scholarship is available for students applying for a Master or PhD program available at the university, ...


MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

In principle, this scholarship is granted to students from countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, special consideration may also be given to students from other countries. ...

PHD, Master, Bachelor

NTU Elite Doctoral Student Scholarship

The scolarship is available to all students applying for international doctoral programs. ...


Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship

All students applying to the international graduate degree programs can apply. ...

PHD, Master

Scholarship for Overseas Students Admitted through Recommendation by High Schools

The scholarship is available to Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macao students admitted to NTU through Recommendation by Overseas High Schools. ...


NTU Financial Assistance Grants for International Students in Taiwan

This scholarship has been created to accelerate the pace of internationalization, recruit international students and to encourage international degree students with excellent personal and academic conduct to achieve outstanding re...

Tuition fee waiver + TWD 6,000 per month