264 Master Scholarships to Study in Nepal

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Scholarships for Your master Studies in Nepal

Find a detailed list of scholarships for graduate programmes, financial aid for Master’s degrees, student fellowships, grants, and more. Pick a scholarship for your Master and apply to partially or completely cover your tuition fees for business schools, law schools, engineering schools, medical schools and more.

Check what disciplines, subjects and specialisations are covered by the master degree scholarships available in Nepal. Select from plenty of college scholarships for studies in business administration, engineering, computer science and IT, law, medicine, chemistry, social sciences and more. The diverse forms of financial aid are provided by universities, graduate schools, international organisations, NGOs, associations, state governments, and more.

Nepal is a scenic country beside the Himalayan Mountains and it does have some excellent educational institutions like the Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University. There are a handful of scholarship opportunities in Nepal for local and international students. Scholarships in Nepal are mostly undergraduate, merit-based and discipline-based.

The Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology offers scholarship admissions into the Kathmandu University and Constituent Colleges as well as the Tribhuvan University (TU) Constituent and Affiliated colleges for Nepalese students every year. This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. The Nepalese Institute of Medicine (IOM) provides around 10 BSc. Nursing, 45 MBBS and several Paramedical courses merit-based scholarships to Nepalese students. The scholarship is provided annually. For international students, American students can get undergraduate scholarships to study in Nepal from the Henry Luce Foundation and the Boren Awards for International Study. The latter offers up to $20,000 per year for interested students. Also, American Students who lack financial means to study abroad can benefit between $4000 and $5000 through the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship to study in Nepal.