Fully Funded Scholarships for bright and intelligent students

Students who are planning to continue their higher education in Australia, UK, the USA, and Canada should apply for fully-funded scholarships. You can even apply for research scholarships and continue your education in developed countries like Switze...

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Famous Abroad Study Scholarships: Dream Catcher!

Are you one of those people who aspire to study abroad? Is your pocket not too friendly to your desire?! Well, you surely are in for a treat now! There's good news for all of you out there! There are hundreds and thousands of study abroad scholarship...

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What can scholarships be used for

Scholarship is financial aid provided to a student on a certain basis, usually academic merit. Scholarship money, unlike student loans, does not have to be paid back and they are a wonderful approach to assist students in getting through their educat...

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Scholarships: all you need to know

Scholarship is financial aid provided to a student on a certain basis, usually primarily academic merit. They can be based on several eligibility criteria such as needs, country or region of origin, gender, field of study, race, etc. Scholarship mone...

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Exploring other funding opportunities

Scholarship is not the only way you can fund your higher education be it college or university, undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Without a doubt, scholarships are a great way to reduce or eliminate the chasm between your budget and rising tuiti...

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Finding a Scholarship: 3 Proven Methods to Guarantee the Right Funding Options for You

As student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, one of your main responsibilities is figuring out how you’re going to pay for it. Robbing a bank is not an option, and selling a kidney is more trouble than it’s worth. So instead, you’ll ha...

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Save Time and Avoid Stress with a Scholarship Organizer

In addition to finding the right university, you will also need to find the right scholarship funding to pay for your education. With the massive number of scholarship options out there for international education, trying to keep track of all of them...

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7 Ways to Get a PhD Scholarship in the UK

For many students, a dream of doing a PhD seems to be impossible due to the cost of some programmes and lack of funding. The country with some of the highest tuition fees in Europe is arguably the United Kingdom. As a result, there is always a lot of...

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Teaching Abroad: Comenius Assistantship

Who and why should applyAnother project or in other words opportunity to get to another country and live, experience life and teach there can be obtained thanks to Lifelong Learning action and its sub-action Comenius Assistantship. This project is di...

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Rotary International - Making the World a Smaller Place

There are many different organizations and programs out there for students who want to study abroad. Rotary International is one to be considered. While being well-known for many benevolent causes, one of their biggest programs is offering young stud...

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