Scholarship for Turkish Students to Study Abroad

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The possibilities and amounts of scholarships, which are available for studying in foreign countries, are more than the amount offered in Turkey. The Higher Education Council of Turkey (HEC) has close relationship with the other countries, so that HEC supports scholarship opportunities for Turkish students every year to study in a foreign country. I want to inform you elaborately about the Master Researching Scholarship with the support from HEC as an example.

For details on other scholarships, please click:

  • Higher Education Council of Turkey:{target="_blank"}
  • Ministry of National Education:{target="_blank"}
  • Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute (TSTRI):{target="_blank"}
  • Master Researching Scholarship (**Yüksek Lisans Aratrma Bursu)

Purpose and Coverage

If you are a lecturer who decided upon her/his thesis subject, an instructor or a research assistant and you are continuing your master education, you can be a beneficiary of this scholarship for your Thesis research topic.

Requirements for Application

  1. You should be a citizen of the Turkish Republic and you should continue your job as a lecturer, an instructor or a research assistant at one of the universities in Turkey


  1. You should be a master student


  1. You should have a document that proves you are admitted to research about your topic at a foreign university

Then you also need to:

  1. Certify your language skills to prove that you can perform your researches with Interuniversity Council Foreign Language Exam, Governmental Staff Language Exam – at least 60 points- or results of the examinations that have international equivalence. (The instructors or Researcher Breeding Council evaluates the applications for the higher education corporations that have language of instruction except English, German or French.)

  2. Prove that there is no military commitment involved. (You should have done your military service or it should be postponed)

Scholarship Period

It can be maximum three months. Research assistants, who want to prolong their period of education, can take permission maximum three more months. First of all the permission is given by the rectorships of the universities and the rectorship of the Higher Education Council. There is no payment for prolonged educations and the rectorship will require signing an agreement to recover the money awarded in case of not respecting the agreement.

Required Documents

  • Curriculum Vitae of the researcher and field-work accomplished by the researcher.
  • An offer letter of the rectorship of the Turkish university
  • A chase form{target="_blank"} about the researchers who is being sent abroad.
  • The decision of the management board of the Turkish faculty
  • The document that shows the subject of the Master Thesis.
  • The document that certifies the expertise in a foreign language.
  • The acceptance document that shows that you can conduct research at that foreign university.
  • The document of study plan which was approved by a domestic consultant.


The rectorship will set monthly payments of the scholarship. The payment includes traveling costs to and from the country in question. Health insurance support is determined according to foreign country laws.


The bursar should return to his/her work after the foreign education within fifteen days. The bursar should give the report of studies about his/her master education to the Turkish rectorship as duplicate. A copy is sent to Higher Education Council by the rectorship. The bursars, who decide to not come back, are accepted as resigned. In this case the agreement document is again enforced and legal action can be taken to recover the awarded amount.

Other opportunities of scholarships for studying in foreign countries

  • Doctorate Research Scholarship (from Higher Education Council of Turkey)

  • After Doctorate Research Scholarship (from Higher Education Council of Turkey)

  • The scholarship that is put under Turkish Government’s order by the foreign governments. (from Ministry of National Education)

  • Master Research Scholarship (from TSTRI)

  • Doctorate Research Scholarship (from TSTRI)

  • After Doctorate Research Scholarship (from TSTRI)

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